Adoption is a commitment 

Before adopting consider..

  • Pets already in the household 

    • ​Will your current pets cope well with a new pet or different species?​​

    • Many adoption agencies and humane societies will allow meet and greets with other pets! 

  • What you're looking for in a pet 

    • A lap warmer?

    • A running buddy?

    • This will effect the type of pet you adopt! 

  • Your living arrangements 

    • Is there a weight limit for a pet you can have?​

  • Time and care commitment 

    • When you go out of town, who will care for your pet?​

    • Do you work long hours or travel frequently? That is something to consider when choosing a pet. 

  • Costs of having a pet 

    • All pets need atleast annual vet care​

    • If adopting a senior pet, they can require other supportive care 

    • For more on this, visit the vaccines and/or senior pets tabs! 

  • Your potential future plans

    • You are committing to your pet for their life, what will you do if your situation changes?

Still have questions? Ask your veterinarian!


Read more about selecting a pet that's right for you.


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